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Full text of "One Hundred Fifty Sixth Commencement May 7, 2000 Savannah State University"

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i£>abannai) Matt Umtasttp 
ibatoannaf), <§eorgta 

Wbt #ne Jlunbreb jf tftp-gnxtf) 

Hux et Veritas? 

i§mnoap, Map ikuentf) 
fttoo ^fjouganb 

&too ©'Clock $ . JR 
&tf)lettc-IXecreatton Complex 
g>atomnaf) ^>tate Umuergttp 

(®tbzv of JJrnttHHfan 

The Chief Marshal 

The Class Marshals 

Candidates for Masters Degree 

Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degree 

Faculty Emeriti 

The Faculty 

The Presidential Party 

Donated to SSU Archives 

by Sheri Saleem Scott 

upon her Retirement on July 1, 2011 

The academic regalia, the academic processional, and the 
ceremonial program are part of an ancient tradition of learning. This tradition 
is a unified, solemn occasion at which only applause is appropriate. 

The audience is asked to refrain from any other form of expression 
and to reserve celebrations until the program is concluded. 

®vber of lettuce 

Dr. Carlton E. Brown, President 

PRELUDE "Largo".... Handel 

Dr. Willie Tucker, Organist 

♦ACADEMIC PROCESSION "War March of the Priests". . . Mendelssohn 

Dr. Willie Tucker, Organist 

INVOCATION ..Father Robert Chaney 

Pastor, St. Anthony of Padua and 
Most Pure Heart of Mary 

Posting of the Colors NROTC Unit 

Savannah State University/ Armstrong Atlantic State University 


COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Attorney Patricia Russell-McCloud 

President, Russell-McCloud Associates 

SELECTION "Total Praise".... Richard Smallwood 

Savannah State University Wesleyan Gospel Choir 

Korey Bowie, Director 

Presentation of Richard R. Wright Award Dr. Carlton E. Brown 

Conferring of the Degree, Honoris Causa Dr. Carlton E. Brown 

For the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters 

Mr. Westley Wallace Law 

The Candidate Will Be Presented by 

Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., Vice President for Academic Affairs 



Dean, Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research 




Assisted by Dr. Joseph H. Silver, Sr., Vice President for Academic Affairs, 

Mr. Benjamin Allen, Registrar 
and Dr. Robert L. Stevenson, Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities 


Vice President for Academic Affairs 


College of Business Administration Dr. Mostafa H. Sarhan 

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Dr. Otis S. Johnson 

College of Sciences and Technology Dr. Charlesworth Martin 


Assisted by the Academic Deans, 

Mr.Benjamin Allen, Registrar 

and Dr. Robert L. Stevenson, Professor of 

Fine Arts and Humanities 


Commander Garland Stephens 


Reading the Commissioning Document Dr. George N. Williams 

Dean, Graduate Studies and Sponsored Research and Faculty 

Representative to NROTC 

Administering the Oath of Office N.R.O.T.C Commander Garland Stephens 

ALUMNI INDUCTION Mr. John Brown, President 

Savannah State University National Alumni Association 

BENEDICTION Father Robert Chaney 

*Alma Mater - Savannah State College Hymn 

**RECESSIONAL "Pomp and Circumstance". . .Sir Edward Elgar 

Dr. Willie Tucker, Organist 

Immediately after the recessional the Presidential Party and Faculty will greet 
guests in the round facing the Asa Gordon Library, Kennedy Fine Arts Building 
and the Drew Griffith Biology Building. 

* The audience is requested to stand. 

The audience is requested to remain seated until the recession has exited. 
USHERS - N.R.O.T.C. Midshipmen 

ftfje Jfflajor mtrfjarb &. «gf)t 8toarb 
Br. Cltttorb C ^arbtoicfe, III 

Dr. Clifford E. Hardwick, III graduated from Beach-Cuyler High School in Savannah and 
attended Hampton Institute. He transferred to Savannah State University (then Savannah 
State College), where he received a bachelor of science degree in biology. He later earned 
a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Hardwick has done advanced 
study at Howard University, South Carolina State University, North Carolina College, 
Atlanta University, Michigan State University's Mott Leadership Institute for 
Community Leaders, University of Georgia and Turner Theological Seminary Extension 

Dr. Hardwick has dedicated his life to education, teaching at the elementary, secondary 
and college level. He served as the chairman of the Biology Department at Beach High 
School for nine years, where he was affectionately known as "Mr. Biology." After his 
tenure at Beach, he became the first African-American to be appointed supervisor of 
Secondary Education by the Savannah-Chatham County Board of Education. At that 
time, he was the highest ranking African-American official in the school system. In 1968, 
Dr. Hardwick was named director of Community Education, a position he held for two 
years. He then went on to serve as assistant professor of Continuing Education for the 
University of Georgia, director of the Neighborhood Continuing Education Center in 
Savannah and assistant to the dean and director of administration of the Coastal Georgia 
Center for Continuing Education. 

Though he retired from the University System of Georgia in 1997, Dr. Hardwick took a 
brief hiatus in 1 999 to serve as interim vice president of Student Affairs at Savannah 
State University. During his eight-month tenure, Dr. Hardwick made a tremendous 
impact on the entire SSU student body and garnered praise throughout the university. 

Dr. Hardwick has been involved in numerous professional, civic, religious and fraternal 
organizations over the years. He joined the NAACP in the 1940s and later served as the 
president of the Savannah Branch. In 1998, he was the recipient of the organization's 
Leadership Award. Dr. Hardwick became the first African-American to serve as 
chairman of a major Red Cross Chapter in the U.S. when he was named chairman of the 
Board of Directors of the Savannah Chapter. He was also the first African-American 
elected as foreman of a grand jury in Savannah-Chatham County. He currently serves as 
vice president of the Savannah-Chatham County Board of Public Health and as executive 
vice president of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance Day Committee. He is a director 
of the Savannah Branch of NAACP and Carver State Bank and is a member of the 
Advisory Board to the African-American Health Information Center. 

In 1990, Dr. Hardwick was elected to serve on the Savannah City Council as an alderman 
in the Fifth District and was re-elected to a second term in 1992. Upon his retirement 
from the political arena, Savannah Mayor Floyd Adams bestowed Dr. Hardwick with the 
title Alderman Emeritus. 

Dr. Hardwick has received numerous awards and citations for outstanding service in the 
areas of education and civic involvement, including an honorary doctor of law degree 
from Morris Brown College in Atlanta and a proclamation on October 24, 1982, 
declaring it "Clifford Hardwick Day" in the City of Savannah. His name has appeared in 
publications including Outstanding Personalities of the World, Community Leaders of 
America, 1969-1970 and Who 's Who Among Black Americans. 

Dr. Hardwick was ordained as Itinerant Elder in the A.M.E Church and serves as 
associate minister of St. Philip A.M.E. Church, where he works with the Commission of 
Christian Education. He is married to the former Beautine Williams of Savannah, Miss 
Savannah State 1950-51 and a 1951 graduate. They have two children, Clifford Hardwick 
IV, a corporate attorney in Atlanta, and Kenneth Allen Hardwick, an investment broker in 
Atlanta, and several grandchildren. 

Honorary Boctor of humane Hetterg 
Jfflr. Mesftlep Mallace Hato 

Mr. Westley Wallace Law is a renowned historian, community activist, civil rights leader 
and preservationist. As the organizer of several cultural institutions in the City of 
Savannah, he has blazed a trail that will be appreciated by countless generations of 
Savannahians to come. Mr. Law's life has been characterized by a passionate devotion to 
economic, cultural and political access for all citizens. He is considered the foremost civil 
rights leader in the city and is credited with leading the successful and relatively peaceful 
integration of the city. 

Mr. Law was born in Savannah in 1923 to West and Geneva Law. He was educated in the 
city's public school system and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in biology from 
Georgia State College (now Savannah State University) in 1948. Mr. Law's affiliation 
with the NAACP made it impossible for him to secure a job with the local public school 
system. Instead, he accepted a position with the U.S. Post Office, where he worked until 
his retirement in the early 1990s. 

Mr. Law's involvement with the NAACP began during his high school days at A.E. 
Beach High School, where he joined and led the NAACP Youth Council. In 1950, he 
became president of the Savannah Branch of the NAACP, a position he held until 1976. 
During Mr. Law's tenure as president, the Savannah Branch became one of the most 
active in the country, championing desegregation in the public school system among 
other causes. In March of 1960, the organization led an 18-month boycott of segregated 
Broughton Street stores. Under Mr. Law's leadership, a bi-racial council was organized 
and the boycott ended with the desegregation of Savannah's stores and restaurants. Mr. 
Law became a life member of the NAACP in 1961, was named president emeritus of the 
Savannah Branch in 1976 and went on to serve for 30 years on the national board of 

Preserving the history of Savannah and the African-American community has been one 
of Mr. Law's missions in life. He is credited with starting the Savannah Yamacraw 
Branch of the Association for the Study of Afro- American Life and History, organizing 
the Negro Heritage Trail Tour and saving the King-Tisdell Cottage, which was restored 
under his leadership and converted to a museum. The Cottage, under Mr. Law's 
leadership, led to the establishment of the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, Inc. In 1989, 
he succeeded in expanding the foundation to include the Beach Institute. Because of Mr. 
Law's leadership, the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation secured the Ulysses Davis Wood 
Sculpture Collection, which is the permanent collection at the Beach Institute. The 
collection has been displayed at the High Museum, the State Capitol and the Smithsonian 
and featured on television. Mr. Law's desire to preserve local African-American history 
continued, and in 1996, he spearheaded a campaign to establish the Ralph Mark Gilbert 
Civil Rights Museum. The Museum, along with the Beach Institute and King-Tisdell 
Cottage, is revered as a significant part of cultural life in Savannah and has been cited 
nationally and abroad. Today, Mr. Law inspires new generations of Savannahians to 
follow in his footsteps: Local college students have teamed up with him to map and 
document graves at the historic Laurel Grove South cemetery. 

Mr. Law's achievements have been recognized on both the local and national level. He 
was the recipient of Savannah State University's (then Savannah State College) Major 

Richard R. Wright Award in 1973, the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce's 
Oglethorpe Leadership Award in 1985, the Martin Luther King Jr. State Holiday 
Commission's Humanitarian Award in 1989, the National Education Association's Carter 
G. Woodson Memorial Award in 1992, the State of Georgia's Governor's Award for the 
Humanities in 1992, the Historic Savannah Foundation's Davenport Trophy in 1996, the 
National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Preservation Award in 1998 and the 
Augusta State University Center for the Study of Georgia History's Distinguished 
Georgian Award in 1998. In 1997, Mr. Law received an honorary doctor of humanities 
degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Mr. Law's accomplishments have 
been featured by a number of media outlets, including local television stations and 
newspapers and Georgia Public Television. In addition, he is featured on the Coca Cola 
Foundation's Centennial Olympic Wall of Well Known Georgians located in Atlanta, 
Georgia. Mr. Law is the only person from South Georgia featured on the wall. 

From his involvement with the NAACP to his commitment to historic preservation, 
Westley Wallace Law has served as an inspiration to the students of Savannah State 
University and to the entire community. His efforts have ensured that generations to 
come will live in a world marked by equity and cultural diversity. 

Jfflagter Begreea Conferred 


iflaster of public gtominigtratton 

Janella Bonita Booker Savannah State University 

TenishelahD. Dixon-Boatright Clemson University 

Renita Lipscomb Graves Savannah State University 

Alzena Veronica Hewitt Savannah State University 

Omar Masekela Kalief Johnson Savannah State University 

Samantha Marie Jackson Jones Morgan State University 

MarRhonde' Adelaide Lumpkin-Lotson Savannah State University 

Jennifer Denyse McCord Savannah State University 

Sametria Renee McFall Savannah State University 

Barbara Solomon Myers Paine College 

Lakisha Traci Powell Savannah State University 

Connie Johnson Roberts Savannah State University 

Carolyn Cassandre Robinson Savannah State University 

Merita Faye Trimuel St. Leo College 

Carolyn Denise Williams Savannah State University 

Jtlaster of Social Movk 

Onie Odell Alexander Liberty University 

Tonya A. Barbee Georgia Southern University 

Renee Chicawn Mithcell Boston Georgia Southern University 

Elizabeth Bagley Braun Georgia Southern University 

Teri Lynn Cristal Augusta State University 

Stephanie Cruwys Roger Williams University 

Catherine Davis .Athens State College 

Virginia Clare Donihoo Roanoke College 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Cristobalina Lenee Freeman National University of Panama 

Thomas Raphael Hall Savannah State University 

Jeanease Leslie Florida Internationsl University 

Lee Nash Maxwell Georgia Southern University 

Able Alisa Moore Savannah State University 

Bernard Higgins Robinson Upper Iowa University 

Tonya Lashell Scott Savannah State University 

Evalee Paige Smith Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Tyajuana Suggs Williamson Savannah State University 

IBaccaiaureate Begmg Conferreb 



**RobertDave Bynoe Georgetown, Guyana 

*Jahmaal Yohance Byrd Woodstock, Georgia 

**Tanisha Levetta Hardy Ft. Stewart, Georgia 

Katarah Artique Harris Savannah, Georgia 

***Jennifer Elizabeth Jack Savannah, Georgia 

Janice Lang Perry Savannah, Georgia 

*Lorie Ann Gale Rogers Bloomingdale, Georgia 

Alex Daniel Scruggs Blommingdale, Georgia 

Sonya Michelle Stewart Savannah, Georgia 

Computer Snformation g>pgttm& 

***Leena Faiq Awad Savannah, Georgia 

**CarIton Dwayne Boatright Savannah, Georgia 

Kacey Lamont Brown Savannah, Georgia 

*Sabrina DeAnn Bryant Savannah, Georgia 

Tracy Lucille Burroughs Savannah, Georgia 

**Robert Dave Bynoe Georgetown, Guyana 

***Beverly Anne Cobb Savannah, Georgia 


Summa Cum Laudc ** Magna Cum Liude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Azikiwe Y. Conner Savannah, Georgia 

Edward Denson, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Benitra Alana Eason Savannah, Georgia 

*Julie Kellene LaFrance Futch Savannah, Georgia 

Natasha Latrice Givens Savannah, Georgia 

Vanessa Haygood-Greeley Savannah, Georgia 

*Marcus Janell Grier Jackson, Georgia 

**Brad N. Jensen Savannah, Georgia 

Sonia Elizabeth Love Savannah, Georgia 

Jywana Kendra Smith Savannah, Georgia 

Kevin Gerrod Young Savannah, Georgia 


*Anika Marie Hernandez Savannah, Georgia 

Shannon Terrell Howard Glennville, Georgia 

Beverly Ann Jackson Savannah, Georgia 

*Dreidre M. Johnson Savannah, Georgia 

Shela Elaine Jones-Mainer Savannah, Georgia 

Terrye G. Nash Decatur, Georgia 

*Brian Leigh Ruland Savannah, Georgia 

*Tara Nicole Wright Savannah, Georgia 


Barbara Jean Gregory Savannah, Georgia 

Shawn Olondo Holmes Midway, Georgia 

Lanita Ann Houston Gray, Georgia 

Katina Raquel Howell Cartersville, Georgia 

Kitsy Fidelia Johnson Rock Hill, South Carolina 

Tony Lynn Leggett Savannah, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Shasheen Anika McCarthy Brunswick, Georgia 

Tyrone Lanoris Morrow Thomasville, Georgia 

Elmore Patterson HI Savannah, Georgia 

Shaina Lynn Singleton Savannah, Georgia 


€ngltef), language anfc literature 

Marcus Carl Conner Chicago, Illinois 

*Cherwonna Lyneah Ferguson Savannah, Georgia 

JWaga Communication* 

*Anglea Traci Adams Savannah, Georgia 

Ali K. Alston Ladson, South Carolina 

Roslyn Barron Hephzibah, Georgia 

Latisha Lynette Brown Jonesboro, Georgia 

Lakita Beatrice Gantz Detroit, Michigan 

Alzora Walker Graham Garden City, Georgia 

Renita LaKeithea Hamilton Snellville, Georgia 

Monica Michelle Heyward Beaufort, South Carolina 

Renee Reid Huff Savannah, Georgia 

*Darrin Lamont Moultrie Yemassee, South Carolina 

Patricia Rosina Robinson Savannah, Georgia 

***Dwight Antonio Shuman Pembroke, Georgia 

Terry-ann Tresha Tallow Savannah, Georgia 

Andrea Celeste Williams Savannah, Georgia 

Deandrea Jones Williams Pooler, Georgia 


James Marcus Anthony Byhalia, Mississippi 

Celline Antionette Dark Savannah, Georgia 

Tiffany Necole Jones College Park, Georgia 

*Thackery Leonard Saussy Savannah, Georgia 

April Latrelle Snider Savannah, Georgia 

Antisha Jeanette Walls Seattle, Washington 

***Summa Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude ! In Absentia 


Criminal Justice 

Tameka Nicole Brown Marietta, Georgia 

DarleneCarr Bloomingdale, Georgia 

Norda Evans Chavis Garden City, Georgia 

IMatthew Arthur Devlin Brunswick, Georgia 

Sandra Middleton Early Savannah, Georgia 

**Patricia Ann Emerson Savannah, Georgia 

Jacquelin Gadson Savannah, Georgia 

Vernel Lee Gainey III Savannah, Georgia 

Staci Anita Greene Savannah, Georgia 

Stacy LaVarne Martin Savannah, Georgia 

Kimberly Michelle Owens Rome, Georgia 

Althea Black Postell Savannah, Georgia 

Kathy Sharon Sherman Savannah, Georgia 

Shawnte Monique Worriels , Savannah, Georgia 

political Science 

♦Dorsheania Antranette Finley Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

** Thomas H. Hines Savannah, Georgia 

Ahmed Asim Holt Palmetto, Georgia 

Julie LaMonica Jackson Savannah, Georgia 

Keyona Patric Jenkins-Cook Savannah, Georgia 

Kim Lundy Jacksonville, Florida 

**Bianca Kenyonna Marshall Jacksonville, Florida 

Lamar Shawn Rhodes Darien, Georgia 

Sheila Shanta Richardson Moultrie, Georgia 

Terrion Deshandra Simpson Atlanta, Georgia 


Lynnia Elisha Davis Atlanta, Georgia 

Dedra Lashawn Spencer Tennille, Georgia 

Larry Michael Wilson Vidalia, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Social Work 

Jerusha LaQuan Andrews Griffin, Georgia 

♦Delia Griffin Brown Savannah, Georgia 

IKarleen Ivy Brown Savannah, Georgia 

Denitra Arliss Foster Sparta, Georgia 

♦Barbara Jowo Hina Savannah, Georgia 

Melinda Smith Johnson Savannah, Georgia 

Larissa Christine Jones Augusta, Georgia 

♦♦Margo Ann King Savannah, Georgia 

Lucius Orlando Mayes Atlanta, Georgia 

Bridgett Cassandra Best Miller Savannah, Georgia 

♦♦♦Lula Mae Ogunpola Savannah, Georgia 

Keondra LeShawn Richardson Savannah, Georgia 

Daona Jerree Williams Jacksonville, Florida 



♦♦Kendra Renee Allen North Charleston, South Carolina 

Timira Daphine Anderson Savannah, Georgia 

Dana Monique Baker Mableton, Georgia 

Aisha Jamila Douglas Atlanta, Georgia 

♦Waynard Mark Hickox Savannah, Georgia 

Marco Viveca Hicks Jacksonville, Florida 

Cynethia Tvonna Holton Moultrie, Georgia 

♦Jennifer Lynn Tolbert Columbus, Georgia 

Joyce Eulamae Warren Savannah, Georgia 

iWarme Iktence 

Kevin Lamont Barnes Washington, District of Columbia 

James Ryan Forrest Snellville, Georgia 

♦James Edward Greig Nepean, Ontario, Canada 

Cinthia Lee Janus St. Simmons Island, Georgia 

♦♦♦Brandy Yvette Smith Jackson, Georgia 

♦♦♦Summa Cum Laude ♦♦Magna Cum Laude ♦Cum Laude !In Absentia 

environmental Science 

*Waynard Mark Hickox Savannah, Georgia 

Harry Blackshear James IV Augusta, Georgia 


Jermaine Thomas Butler Augusta, Georgia 

*Leon Dyers, Jr Augusta, Georgia 

Taletha LaTrice Maddox Moultrie, Georgia 

*Kolin Constance Newsome Savannah, Georgia 


Tamara Vernee Gray Macon, Georgia 

Myia Angelia Harris Hephzibah, Georgia 

Marqus Jediene Johnson Atlanta, Georgia 

Deirdre Lewis Atlanta, Georgia 

Pamela Ann Butler Spence Savannah, Georgia 

Computer Science ^ecfmologp 

*Kendrell Lamont Albright Savannah, Georgia 

Danielle Faith Bryan Savannah, Georgia 

Frederick Xavier Hull Savannah, Georgia 

Daniel Y. Inyang Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Juan Johnson Tifton, Georgia 

Shannon Addison Philson Savannah, Georgia 

Elbennit Turner, Jr Savannah, Georgia 

Chemical engineering 2Cecf)nologj> 

Deirdre N. Arline Lithonia, Georgia 

LynAnn Kris Decollette Austin Lewis Newnan, Georgia 

Quent Bershodd Morrison Lake Park, Florida 

Derrick Genard Robinson Savannah, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude !In Absentia 

Ctoil engineering flEecfmologp 

Liberto Chacon Savannah, Georgia 

*Lynette Nicole Goodman Orange Park, Florida 

Troy J. Redmond Savannah, Georgia 

Jason Samuel Rundles Atlanta, Georgia 

(Electronic* ((Engineering GTecfjnologp 

Denoavis Jamale Smartt Decatur, Georgia 

Jlecfjanical (Engineering 3Cecfjnologp 

**Jyoti Srivastava Tortola, British Virgin Island 

***Summa Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude Un Absentia 

Savannah State College Hymn 

J. Randolph Fisher and Hillary Hatchett 

Let us give thanks and praise to thee 

To our Alma Mater, S.S.C. 

Thine honor, pride, and eminence, 

We raise in prayerful reverence. 

Guide us still from day to day, 

Be thou mindful lest we lose our way; 

Help us know that life, short or long, 

Means unceasing work for weak and strong. 


Where Savannah meets the sea, 
Where grassy plains and palms abound, 
Where the flow'rs are gems of loveliness, 

There SSC is found. 
We adore each beauteous scene and hall, 

Our all we pledge to thee! 

In our hearts we'll build a shrine for Thee 

We hail Thee, S.S.C! 

Note: Appearance of a name on any list in this program must not be considered as 
conclusive evidence of graduation. Persons who have met all requirements 
for a particular degree and whose names appear on the lists in this program 
will receive the degree indicated. 

itonor <£raimateg 

Leena Faiq Awad 
Beverly Anne Cobb 
Jennifer Elizabeth Jack 

Kendra Renee Allen 
Robert Dave Bynoe 
Carlton Dwayne Boatright 
Patricia Ann Emerson 

gmmma Cum Haute 

(3.75 - 4.00) 

Jfflagna Cum Haube 
(3.40 - 3.74) 

Anglea Traci Adams 
Kendrell Lamont Albright 
Roslyn Barron 
Delia Griffin Brown 
Sabrina DeAnn Bryant 
Jahmaal Yohance Byrd 
Leon Dyers, Jr. 
Cherwonna Lyneah Ferguson 
Dorsheania Antranette Finely 
Julie Kellene LaFrance Futch 
Lynette Nicole Goodman 
James Edward Greig 
Marcus Janell Grier 

Jyoti Srivastava 

Cum Haube 

(3.00 - 3.39) 

Lula Mae Ogunpola 

Dwight Antonio Shuman 

Brandy Yvette Smith 

Tanisha Levetta Hardy 

Brad N. Jensen 

Margo Ann King 

Bianca Kenyonna Marshall 

Anika Marie Hernandez 

Waynard Mark Hickox 

Barbara Jowo Hina 

Dreidre M. Johnson 

Darrin Lamont Moultrie 

Kolin Constance Newsome 

Lorie Ann Gale Rogers 

Brian Leigh Ruland 

Thackery Leonard Saussy 

Bruneisa Kayandra Taylor 

Jennifer Lynn Tolbert 

Antisha Jeanette Walls 

Tara Nicole Wright 

***Summa Cum Laude 


Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude 

!In Absentia 

2TJ)c Significance of tfie gcafaemic jftflace 

Observing the centuries-old convocation procedures, each Marshal in the Savannah State 
University Academic Procession carries an official mace which is indicative of the power, dignity, and 
magisterium vested in the University. The mace is a club-shaped staff which originated in the Middle 
Ages as a weapon. Eventually, it gained a ceremonial character and is presently employed most often 
by legislative forums and academic enterprises. 

The official mace and stand of Savannah State University were designed and made 
from mahogany wood by Dr. Ernest S. Brown, Associate Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering 

The University motto is "Lux Et Veritas" (Light and Truth). 

gcabemic Costumes 

Modem academic dress, has evolved from a type of apparel prescribed by English Medieval 
Universities to distinguish their schools from the lay person in dress at a time when everybody wore 
robes or gowns. When American colleges and universities desired to adopt some suitable system of 
academic apparel a half century ago, it seemed best to agree on some definite system which all might 
follow. Accordingly, this attire has consisted of the cap, the gown, and the hood, the latter two now 
differing according to the degree the wearer has received. 

The modern cap, in academic dress, has the same design for all degrees: black and square- 
shaped with a tassel hanging from the center. However, the color of the tassel usually differentiates 
the field of study for which the degree was granted, the gold tassel being worn by doctors or by 
presidents of colleges and universities; but it may be added that the black tassel is correct for all 

The gown, unlike the cap, differs appreciably in design according to the degree conferred 
on the wearer. The gown for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn 
closed. The gown for the master's degrees, worn open or closed, has an oblong sleeve, open at the 
wrist, like the others. The sleeve base hangs down in the traditional manner. The rear part of its 
oblong shape is square cut, and the front part has an arc cut away. The doctor's gown, worn open or 
closed, has long sleeves faced with velvet; three bars of velvet are midway the sleeves. The trimmings 
of the doctor's gown may be black or the color associated with the field of study. 

The hood, while not an article of dress, is however, the most distinctive feature of the 
academic attire. It is a black, crow-shaped badge or adornment with an oval opening and worn down 
the back. It enables one to quickly determine not only the degree held by the wearer but also the 
college or university from which he is graduated. The colors lining the hood and the size and the 
shape of the hood make this distinction. The bachelor's and master's hoods are three feet and three and 
a half feet in length, respectively; the doctor's hood is four feet in length and is made with a wide 
panel. Hoods may be worn for only those degrees actually held by the wearers. 

Members of the governing body of a college or university, and they only, whatever their 
degrees may be, are entitled to wear doctor's gowns (with black velvet), but their hoods may be only 
those of degrees actually held by the wearers or those especially prescribed for them by the institution. 

In some colleges and universities, it is customary for the president, chancellor, or chief 
officer to wear a costume similar to that worn by the head of a foreign university. 

The chief marshal may wear a specially designed costume approved by the institution. 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctor's gowns, edging of hoods, and 
tassels of caps, the color associated with different subjects as prescribed by the revised American 
Intercollegiate Code is as follows: 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Business Drab Philosophy Dark Blue 

Economics Copper Physical Education Sage Green 

Education Light Blue Public Administration Peacock Blue 

Law Purple Science Golden Yellow 

Library Science Lemon Social Work Citron 

Music Pink Theology Scarlet 

At Savannah State University, the lining of the hood has an orange chevron on a blue 
background to represent school colors. A faculty member wears the color of his alma mater.